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    Fan for Life

    I was in Lowes and saw Matt and Scott and because of their company shirts I approached them and started a conversation. I found that they do a lot more than sweep chimneys from duct cleaning and masonry restoration to mold removal. They are skilled in all fields and Matt has been at it since six years old learning from his dad things that most people will never know. So I had them come to my home and replace some rusted covers for me that I had been needing to have done but being a very picky consumer had yet to find anyone I was comfortable in using. Top Hat made me feel confident in their knowledge of what I was needing done. I am pleased with what they have done for me and will be recommending them to anyone I feel they can help. I am a fan for life.


    Twenty Five Years of Bliss

    Top Hat found our chimney cracked after we had fire approximately twenty five years ago. After lining our chimney they have cleaned it every year since they first came. Whatever they tell you, you can be sure they are being honest and will take care of your needs in a way that makes you feel safe in their hands.

    James Grubb

    When Lightening Strikes

    Our chimney was struck by lightening in July. Masonry destruction and damage to four flues from two fireplaces. Top Hat was the only resource I could get to come out that really seemed "ready to help" and tackle a difficult restoration. Matt and Scott did a very thorough analysis. This was a BIG job, took a week. Removed four clay flues and replaced with lengthy stainless steel flues. We had a site meeting with the insurance adjuster and the whole difficult process went very well. Also got to meet "Grandpa Mike", founder of the business 39 years ago and two sons who helped also. Mike Coggins was there on site much of the time and has taught his son Matt VERY well. I recommend TOP HAT very highly. Brick work by Matt and Scott was also EXCELLENT. Matt and Scott are a very hardworking team. FMP


    Gas to Wood

    We recently purchased a new home and wanted to change our gas logs over to wood. While they were here they found that we had several problems with our masonry on our chimney. We were close to losing bricks and having to rebuild our chimney. Top Hat fixed our problems correctly without a patch, but a total repair. I recommend Top Hat to anyone for their Chimney needs.

    The Gilberts

    No Mess

    No Mess cleaning they took very good care of my house. Also they discovered that I had major damage to my masonry chimney from moisture attacking it. They repaired what needed to be fixed and treated the structure to not allow moisture attack my chimney any longer. I would recommend them to anyone.


    Top Notch

    Top notch service is what I received from Top Hat Chimney. They know my chimneys and answered all of my questions about my fireplace in our new home. I recommend Matt and Scott to all my friends now. I will be using them also to do some brick repair in the spring.


    A CLEAN Sweep

    These are the best, they are very clean and don't mess up your house while cleaning the mess from my chimney. The mess stayed in the bag and not on the floor. They were very professional at all times. I would recommend these guys to anyone who needs the service.

    Graham Simmons

    Above and Beyond

    Top Hat was nothing but professional. They go above and beyond any thought I had. I would recommend them anyone.

    Edith Hanks

    Saved Us Our Policy

    Top Hat came out to my house to check a chimney. My insurance company just rode by my house and saw black around the top and made me get it checked or risk having policy cancelled. Top Hat found that the black was mold and not soot. They found that I had moisture damage to the masonry structure, which would cause it to break down further. The gentlemen were very polite and explained what needed to be done to me in a way that I could understand. I recommend this company to all my family and friends.

    High Point

    Back Wall Rebuild

    Top Hat recently inspected our newly purchased home. We were very impressed with Matt and Scott, they are very knowledgeable in their fields. The advised us on the condition of our chimney and fireplace. They found that the back wall of our fireplace needed to be rebuilt to prevent our new home from catching fire. The also found that the chimney above roof needed several areas reworked due to moisture damage and fixed them for us. We would recommend Top Hat to anyone and not feel bad about it.

    Satisfied Customer

    repair and match

    I contacted Top Hat to do some masonry restoration at my home. I had several crack in the brick work around my home. Top Hat was able to fix them and even match the older bricks. The repair on my porch involved grinding out bad joints and putting new motor in joints, they performed this without making a mess over the surrounding brickwork.

    Ed Gardner

    Thirty Years of Service

    Top Hat has serviced our chimney venting system for over thirty years now. I rest easy knowing that every year before the burning season Top Hat has cleaned and made sure my family was safe to burn our stove.

    Loyal Customer

    Great Work

    Did a very good job, highly recommend.


    A very Happy Janice

    Wonderful Work!


    Very Professional

    Great Job, Very Professional.


    Flashing Repair

    Top Hat came out to do a leak we thought was coming through flashing. After calling several roofing companies, one company suggested we call Top Hat. Top Hat we found out that they specialize in masonry restoration. Our moisture was getting in the chimney through several areas and then coming out into the house. Top Hat advised that it was what needed to be done. After they corrected these problems our moisture problem was fixed and has not been a problem since they fixed them.

    Oshinski Family

    Owner All In

    Very pleased with the two men that came out to my house. Both men were very knowledgeable about their field. They were able to advise me and answer the questions I had for them. The company owner, Matt, never sat down and answered my questions whenever I called him.

    Happy Customer

    Pipe Replacement

    Top Hat replaced an old pipe system in my building that was way overdue for replacement. They came out and a system that I can feel safe to use, and not worry about a house fire.

    Mr. Hill