About us

From our very first chimney cleaning job 35 years ago, we’ve been able to meet new customers because neighbors refer neighbors, friends, and family. We thank you for all of your referrals, as we strive to maintain our record of 100% customer satisfaction. One of the joys of being a service company for over three decades is to see the evolution both in the lives of homes and of people. Sometimes we return to a home that has new owners and see how other people have adapted it to their lives. More often, we follow people from one house to another, cleaning their chimneys, providing new masonry work and maintaining already completed projects. Our main goal is and always will be to provide the highest levels of customer service possible! Call today and discover why we are considered the area's best!

Mike "Grandpa Mike" Coggins and a young Matt Coggins

Mike and Matt around 1982

Top Hat Chimney Sweep was founded in Thomasville, NC in 1979 by Michael Coggins. He is a very down to earth Christian man. Mike started working in his late teens, hitch hiking his way across North Carolina to sell bibles. After getting married to his wife of 50 years Peggy; Mike went to work in a furniture factory and Peggy worked multiple jobs in stores and pharmacies. They purchased the house they still live in in 1968 and one day, years later Mike decided to take a look in the chimney. Him taking a look down that dark hole would soon change his life. Once seeing all the black build up that was down his chimney got him thinking about how it all works and eventually landed him at the New England School of Chimney Sweeps in Massachusetts in 1979.

Returning home and getting this business started with a wife and a 3 year old was something new for this family. Peggy worked beside of Mike and helped him build this company up to everything that they could up until their son Matt was to take it over. THC Sweep has been around for 38 years and counting. This company was built on everything that Mike and Peggy stand for and that is good Christian morals. We at THC Sweep give our customers 100% to make sure that each home we enter is treated with respect and when we leave we hope every homeowner feels safe enough to use their fireplace, wood stove, gas or oil flues that go into their chimney with no worries.

Matt's Story

Matt Coggins was introduced to this business at three years old. As a little boy, Matt always wanted to be by his dad’s side and that meant being present while he was working as well. As the years went by Matt learned more and more about the business. This is how the passion that he has for chimney and masonry work was born. After studying culinary arts, Matt eventually studied Historical Masonry Restoration and adding this skill to the THC roster of services. Matt later studied heating and air again widening the breadth of services that THC can provide. Now thanks to Matt’s ambition THC services chimneys, venting systems, heating systems and performs masonry installation and repair. Matt is a dedicated husband of 13 years and father of six who makes sure that no matter what is thrown his way the business that his father started and worked so hard to build is at the top of his list of priorities.

matt's kids

The Gruesome Twosome (L) Matt's Kids (R)

the gruesome twosome
matt and his wife

Matt with wife Maricia 

Matt did try to step out of the family business and found himself at GTCC studying Culinary Arts after he graduated from East Davidson High School in Thomasville NC. He wasn't filling fulfilled in his new adventure so he went back to what he had grown up doing working with his dad in the Chimney Service Industry. Matt's next step was learning another trade that would benefit him and the business for years to come. In 1998 he decided to go to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to learn how to do Historical Masonry Restoration. This is something he really enjoys doing when a job requires him to do so. Through the many years of working together Mike and Matt meet many people in different industries and the Heating and Air Industry would be the next that Matt would take on to help build this small town business into something bigger. In 2012 Matt goes back to college at DCCC to study oil Furnace servicing.

Matt's life has had its ups and downs and he has tried many different fields of work throughout his carrier. He has been married for going on 13 years and has had 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls, which he has always worked very hard to provide for. No matter what life has thrown his way, one thing is for sure, the business that his father started and worked so hard to build is at the top of his list of priorities

Scott's Story

Scott Hill is THC's lead technicians and resident Hot Rod guru. Scott is half of the self-proclaimed Gruesome Twosome. Scott loves working at THC and seeing our yearly customers each year or meeting new customers on their first visit from THC. Scott brings quality work, never give up attitude and a constant will to learn and grow as a chimney
technician. Scott also brings two decades of working with one of the greatest masons from the Piedmont to our masonry restoration and historical masonry side of THC. When Scott isn't wearing his cap and Top Hat, he's with his beautiful wife and children. Scott and his wife Cynthia have three beautiful children and reside in Davidson County. Scott enjoys working on several Hot Rods and a Fox Body Mustang that he has also when he has time. Scott is a valued employee and great friend and helps to make THC what it is beginning to turn into in its
next chapter.

scott's car

Scott's beautiful family (L) Scott's Side Chick (R)

Scott and Family